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Crack Sealing – Hot

We hide your cracks…literally! If you have any cracks running across your asphalt, they are allowing water underneath it. This compromises the sub-base of your asphalt and continues to get worse if not addressed in a timely manner properly. This will create failures in your asphalt very quickly and you’ll end up with even more cracks.

There are two types of crack repair products in our industry, there are crack fillers which are applied cold, and there are crack sealers which are applied hot. HOT applied crack sealer will last 2-3x longer than crack fillers. Crack fillers are for rookies and don’t last!

All of our crack sealer repairs are done by applying a hot crack sealer. We do not use cold applied products as they are inferior and do not last. We use the best products & methods to ensure we do the job right the first time. We charge by the linear foot for all cracks. Let’s take care of the cracks now before more appear – Contact us for a free crack sealer quote!

Our professional crack sealing process is as follows:

1. The Sealcoating Heroes arrive – We do a full walk-down upon arrival to assess any potential hazards or issues before starting.

2. Establishing Perimeter – We establish a perimeter using cones and or caution tape to prevent accidents and maintain our safety. While doing so, we ensure there are no vehicles inside the job site / parking lot that need to be moved.

3. Cleaning – This is the most important part of the process. We will clean all cracks before sealing with high powered commercial grade blowers and our arsenal of tools necessary for each job.

4. Vegetation – You don’t want plants or weeds growing in the middle of your asphalt and neither do we. We remove all vegetation & root systems prior.

5. Crack Sealing – The fun starts! – We apply hot crack sealer to all cracks using our crack sealer melter.

6.Perimeter – We Keep a perimeter established depending on the job & area until dry and then remove once the drying process is complete.

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