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About Sealcoating Heroes

We are a family owned small business located here in the great Lehigh Valley – Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. We are fully licensed & insured for any job, no matter the size. Our mission is saving and sealing asphalt while providing the highest quality of asphalt maintenance services in the Lehigh Valley. We are excited to meet new friends and pets along the way, you are not just customers to us!

We love to educate you prior to starting our work and explain how we are going to do our work and why. We also provide a free quote and honor that pricing! If you are paying to have your driveway or parking lot sealed every year, we are sorry to hear that you are getting ripped off. Commercial sealer should last 3 years, if not longer, depending on several conditions. Always ask what sealer they use and where it’s coming from!

Brush Applied Sealcoating Yields Better Results​

We brush apply every residential driveway when sealcoating to yield a thick continuous layer of protection. Brush applying insures that we give your asphalt driveway the BEST possible coverage, protection, and durability. If they spray, tell them to go away!

Professional Asphalt Services & Equipment

We never skimp! All of our work is performed using high grade commercial tools and products. We use only the highest grade of commercial sealer sourced and blended for us locally by Allentown’s Sealmaster. The local box store products don’t last and our competition cannot compete with the finish and durability of our cured sealer.

Picture before & after sealcoating a residential driveway.

Does your driveway / parking lot need more than just sealcoating?

Asphalt Services in Lehigh Valley, PA

When it comes to asphalt, we have you covered whether you have a driveway or huge parking lot. We perform residential sealcoating, commercial sealcoating, crack sealing, asphalt repairs (pot holes), paving, line striping, and complete commercial parking lot maintenance.

Sealcoating Heroes - Owners

" We treat each customer like family and we treat your property like it's our own. "

Meet The Owner

I’ve used sub-contractors in the past for personal unrelated construction projects – I ended up redoing most of their work. That is not what we want for our customers. We strive to impress you, your neighbors, and your guests. We want smiles and hand shakes at the end.

We use the best products, tools, & methods to ensure we do the job right the first time. We strive to be the best in our industry, there is no get it done, get paid, and on to the next job attitude here!!!

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