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Premium Commercial Sealcoating in Pennsylvania

The sealcoating industry has three methods used to apply sealer, the best being brush applied. We seal all residential asphalt using brushes because it nets the best possible coverage and durability.

Even though we prefer to brush apply every sealcoating job we perform, some commercial jobs are a lot to apply by hand. Typically any commercial asphalt over 10,000 sq ft will be spray applied unless requested otherwise. If we are requested to brush apply jobs over 10,000 sq ft, pricing will reflect this.

We treat every customer like they are family and treat your property like it’s our own. I’ve personally used sub-contractors in the past for different unrelated construction projects and I ended up redoing most of their work. That’s not what we want for our customers. We use the best products, tools, & methods to ensure we do the job right the first time. We strive to be the best in our industry, there is no get it done, get paid, and on to the next job attitude here!!! Let us save your parking lot before it dries out, cracks all over, and needs to be repaved – Contact us for a free quote!

Our professional commercial sealcoating process is as follows:

1. The Sealcoating Heroes job walk down – We do a full job-site walk down upon arrival to assess any potential hazards or issues before starting.

2. Establishing a Perimeter – We establish a perimeter using cones and or caution tape to prevent accidents and maintain our safety. While doing so, we ensure there are no vehicles inside the job site / parking lot that need to be removed.

3. Edge the entire perimeter of your parking lot – We need to fully expose the edge of your asphalt and move any landscaping stone or mulch away from the edges. This ensures 100% coverage of your asphalt, even the edge.

4. Taping off areas – If needed, we will tape off any tricky areas to ensure sealer isn’t applied on something it shouldn’t be.

5. Cleaning – We use our arsenal of commercial grade tools & equipment to prep & ensure your asphalt parking lot receives the deep cleaning it needs prior to sealcoating. It’s all about prep!!! We need to remove any lose asphalt, dirt, dust, garbage, moss, mildew, etc. We do this by physically removing all the above using commercial grade steel brushes, high powered industrial strength blowers, and torches if needed. We collect any garbage if present.

6. Chemical Spots – If there are any chemical spots on the parking lot, we need to treat them prior to sealcoating. If you are aware of any spots, please notify us prior to starting to ensure we don’t miss one.

7.Cracks – If the parking lot has any cracks, we need to seal them prior to sealcoating. We will fire up our hot crack melter / applicator and apply hot crack sealer to all cracks necessary.

8. Sealcoating – We use a premium commercial grade sealer from Sealmaster specially blended for all our jobs. We apply our sealer to your entire parking lot using special brushes specially designed for applying sealer.

9. Completion – We keep the perimeter established for this area until dry. With normal weather conditions, our goal is to keep this area closed off for 48 hours to ensure proper curing time which will result in an amazing finish! We will follow up to remove the perimeter once the drying process is completed.

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