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We are strictly speaking for our services, as we use a proprietary mix of the best commercial grade sealer in our area and our secret additives. We recommend every 3-5 years but every driveway is different. It depends on many factors like how much usage it gets, amount of sunlight, water drainage, and the amount of salt it’s exposed to during winter. New driveways / parking lots should be sealed no longer than one year of being paved.

Our cost in materials alone are way more than that for the average driveway! In our industry, you really get what you pay for. Our industry has some bad apples that travel state to state, I don’t even want to call them businesses because some don’t even live here. You want to make sure their business is registered with the state, they have insurance, and a contractors license. They typically use a very generic cheap sealer, water it down, and sell you the world. They travel from state to state doing areas because it’s hard to catch them, so be careful! By the time your sealer wears off within a year if you are lucky, they are long gone. Ask questions, look their business name up with the state, ask for insurance, ask for their contractor’s license, ask where they live. This will get rid of them very quick! If they are spraying an oil based product, tell them to leave. An oil based sealer will be extremely slick when wet and is not safe.

We always recommend you wait a minimum of 72 hours. Waiting even longer will ensure a proper cure, especially if the driveway is shaded by tree’s. If you intentional drive a vehicle on it before 72 hours and we need to come back to fix it, repairs will not be free. Sealer takes 3-4 weeks to properly cure but can be driven on sooner as it is not realistic to stay off it for that long.

Sealer can sometimes take up to 30 days to fully cure so this is normal and these will go away over time. VERY IMPORTANT – Avoid turning your wheels while you are stationary as this causes most marks. Big trucks can easily rip asphalt up by doing this whether the asphalt is sealed or not, especially when it’s really hot out.

We recommend 24 hours minimum after sealcoating is performed. If the driveway or parking lot has a lot of shade, this will slow the curing process. Test with an object before walking on.

No, but for residential work, you do need to have your cars out of the garage. For all residential work, we arrange payment after our work is completed. We do take partial payments before starting commercial jobs.

We always recommend you wait close to a year for new asphalt to have sealcoating done but not longer. If it gets a lot of sunlight, it’s usually good after two months but we can always come out and check it for you.

Typically we start in May after the Kentucky Derby and end in October, we need to maintain 50 degree temperatures overnight consistently. It all depends on mother nature.

In most cases, by the time we are done sealcoating it might need another hour to cure to the point of it being fully water resistant especially if the sun is out.